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"Head Speaks"

© Aaron *Brother Head* Moss 2020

Coming soon is the New Pizza Pilgrimage secton. But in the mean time, we'll continue wth my older information:

Me and my best friend (Dean Cole) are on a quest to find the best pizza in the world... Well, the best pizza that we can reasonably get to. 8)

Here is our list and ratings of the pizza places we've found so far.

If you don't agree with us, then I'm sorry to inform you that you're wrong.

The top of the list, number one pizza place we have found so far is:

1) Pizza Plus - Ripon and Jamestown, CA.

So far, this is the best pizza in the world.

2) Double Play - Clovis, CA

3) Bob's Best Pizza - Oceanside,CA

3) Pizza Ville - Merced, CA

4) Mt. Mikes Pizza - Sanger, CA

Pizza Pilgrimage

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