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(Or at least what he's claiming as his origin THIS week!)

The Early Years and a Kidnapping

Aaron was born down in NewPort Beach, CA on a dark, cold Christmas Eve in 1969 (that's Dec. 24, 1969 for those less intelligent readers out there).

He was born Melvin Aaron Moss. His mom was going to name him Steven Allen Moss (after his father), but due to his mom being a bit naive and listening to a nurse, she didn't. Shortly thereafter his mother moved back to Chowchilla (where she had family at (and you can add in the Chowchilla curse)).

And there he lived for many years, with his mother (Sherry Darlene Todd nee Gipe), stepfather (The Boy), and brother (Jerry Lee Todd II).

Aaron was raised and went to school in Chowchilla (which explains a few things). He lived in a few different homes while in Chowchilla, but mostly lived at the corner of 7th and Colusa. Aaron lived a relatively simple life (for the most part).

Aaron lived his life and wasnt too unhappy (true things could have been better, but they could also have been worse).

Aaron lived his life and wasnt too unhappy (true things could have been better, but they could also have been worse).


His best friend growing up was (and still remains) Dean Cole.  Aaron and Dean went to school together and were best of friends.  When he was young, his other best friend was Larry Park.  Aaron and Larry were inseparable for years.  The first real tragedy in Brother Heads life was in July of 1976. This was the year of the Chowchilla Bus Kidnapping.  Aaron, Larry and a bunch of other kids were going to summer school.  At the end of the school day, the kids would go to the town pool for awhile.  Then back to school.

Aaron and Larry rode the same bus, every day, back and forth to summer school. Except for the last day. The entire time of Summer School, Aarons next door neighbors (some sisters around his age) always asked Aaron to ride their bus. But Aaron didnt want to separate from his best friend (who was soon discovered to be his cousin).

But Aaron being Aaron finally gave in. See, little did most people know (or maybe they did), he had a crush on one of the girls next door (Tammy). So he bid his cousin farewell and boarded the neighbor girl's bus. Little did he realize the consequences of his actions.


Later that day after Aaron returned home, he discovered that the bus his cousin was on had been kidnapped. Three rich, punks decided to

kidnap a bunch of school kids (cuz they were asshats). Luckily the situation ended well enough. The kids freed themselves and escaped unarmed (physically). Several of Aaron's friends and schoolmates were on that bus that unfortunate day, and for years after, the kids that escaped were severely traumatized. Several of them cant ride in vans or watch movies with men wearing stockings on their heads, because of that incident. Just

think how screwed Aaron would be if he HAD been on that bus.)

© Aaron *Brother Head* Moss 2020

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