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Marriage, Divorce, a new love, and Valley Children's Hospital!

In 1992, Aaron met and fell in love with his future bride, Renee. In May of 92, they were married at the local fairgrounds. The following January saw the birth of Timothy Edward Moss. The following December, Steven Aaron Moss was born.

But theirs was not to be a happy marriage. Due to several different circumstances (mainly Renee being a nutjob), in 1996, these two went their separate ways.


Aaron ended up getting full custody of both the boys and continued to live in Chowchilla, while his ex-wife went her own way (tells you how bad she was, if a judge looked at Brother Head and said, Yeah, hed make the better parent).


Near the end of 1998, Aaron was to meet Lesley (the next great love of his life). And together they had a somewhat happy relationship (while it lasted). Les lived in Mountain View (over by Palo Alto) while Aaron stayed in Chowchilla. About every weekend, one of them would drive to see the other.

Meanwhile, in June of 1998 Aaron gained employment at a local Internet Provider (ISP) called Protosource Networks. There he worked in the Technical Support Department. While working there, he made friends with several great people. His new friends from work are Steve Behrens, Dean Kasparian (OCARA), and Tony Ralls (the Dirty Jew aka Jewloppaloppa).

Then in Oct of 2000 tragedy struck. Young Timothy had what was called an AVM (Arterio-Venous Malformation). In short, the blood vessels in his brain started leaking causing him to almost die. Thankfully the wonderful hospital of VALLEY CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL (in Fresno, CA) was able to save this young man's life. For this Aaron is eternally grateful. At this writing, Tim has made a full recovery and leads a normal life (well, as normal as can be being Aaron's offspring).

Later in the year, Aaron and Lesley split up and went their separate ways also. Leaving Aaron and the boys to live in Chowchilla and Aaron to continue working at Protosource. Until, May of 2002 when Protosource was bought out and became... Brand X Networks. Recently its gone under a different change and is now FUSED B/X.

© Aaron *Brother Head* Moss 2020

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