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And now for the rest of the story...


Since then Aaron has became a full time IRS employee, was notified that the 1040X building would be closing down the end of Sept 2021, got a new position as an Examiner in the Exam dept and have became a perm Lead in Exam.  He's also managed in both the Clerical deptarment and  1040X for a couple of years each.

Both Tim and Steven have gotten married and Tim has had a baby girl (McKenzie Sherry Moss).

He's also began podcasting and is currently up to 7 shows.

Which brings us up to present day.

Hope you have all learned something from Aaron's tale. If so, could ya please let us know?!? ehehhh

Take care all and see you in the funny pages.

© Aaron *Brother Head* Moss 2020

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