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2. Just what the hell is your name? Melvin, Aaron, Head? What do people call you?

That's a very good question.

Legally, my name is Melvin Aaron Moss.

My mom re-married an asshat when I was young, so growing up, I went by his last name (Todd). And since my uncle Melvin lived across the street from us, everyone called me Aaron growing up. So people at school knew me as Aaron Todd.

As I explained in an earlier question, my close friends call me Head (or Brother Head).

When I moved out (the very first time) I reverted back to Moss.

At most jobs I left my name as I had on my application/resume - Melvin Moss.

So at home, I go by Aaron Moss.

My friends call me Aaron or Head (for the most part. I have a few "work friends" that have become "real friends", so they often call me Melvin).

At work, I go by Melvin Moss (except for Protosource/Brand X. There they called me Aaron, Brother, or Big Perv).

And a few people I still talk to from school, still refer to me as Aaron Todd (sometimes).

Simple, uh?

I'll actually answer to almost anything, depending on my mood.

"Head Speaks"

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