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Another Death, Marriage, and Job!

Going back to 2002, tragedy once again struck Aaron's family. Aaron's mother (Sherry Darlene Todd nee Gipe) had suffered from diabetes and heart conditions for years. Finally one night, while Aaron was at work, his mother was to finally lose the battle. Her heart gave out and she died (while he was rushing home to see her, after receiving a frantic call at work that she was dying). While speeding past Madera, Aaron got the dreaded call, that it was too late.


His mother had passed on. He was devastated. But thanks to his friends (especially Dee), Aaron got through this rough point in his life.

While working at PSNW/BRANDX/FUZED/Whatever the hell you want to call it, (back while it was still PSNW), Aaron had the pleasure to meet a new technician.


Her name was Michelle Hudson. Ernie (Big boss man at the time) brought her though and introduced her to the techs. When he introduced Aaron, he said, "And this is Aaron. Watch out for his sticky keyboard. (I think that should have offended me, but oh well...). Aaron and Michelle became friends and worked together for a couple of years (until she ran away screaming. eheheh).

A couple of years later Aaron and Michelle started talking again (online mostly). One thing lead to another and the next thing you know, Aaron pulled poor, innocent Michelle in to his Web. They dated for awhile. Then one day they went to Las Vegas for the Monster Truck finals. On the way back Aaron proposed to Michelle (he was going to propose while in Vegas, but things kept interfering with his damn plans). Of course she accepted (Aaron has access to good mind altering drugs).

For the next year or so, they lived in Chowchilla (aka Hell). Then in June of '07, they moved to Fresno, then a year later to Sanger (where Michelle's parents live).

After a couple of false starts, Michelle finally became impregnated with The Brother's seed (oh God, he's spawning again... someone stop him...). In April 2008, Alexis Grace Moss was born.

In 2010, Aaron started working at the IRS as a Tax Examiner (only seasonal, so he did both Brand X and the IRS from Feb till June). Then the next month (July 2010) Brand X (whatever you want to call it) finally closed up shop and sent everyone packing.  After a couple of months of unemployment, Aaron went to work for POM Wonderful in Del Ray, where he worked the scale house (again seasonal).

The next year (Sept of 2011), his boss at POM brought him back to run the scale house this year.

At the end of 2012, Michelle and Aaron decided to finally break down and buy a house in Sanger.

© Aaron *Brother Head* Moss 2020

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